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Moving is stressful enough, that’s for sure. I’m sure you’ve made many checklists weeks ahead of your scheduled move; hire movers, pack this, pack that, sell this, sell that…all sorts of things to remember. Well, here’s a checklist of things you may not have thought of, we call it the morning of, or day before checklist. Having these tasks completed before your move will keep stress and panic to a human minimum.

  • Create a pile of items you don’t want the movers or packers to touch ( suitcases, medications, personal items, things that you’re not moving )

  • Keep aside all your other checklists ( address change forms, this form itself )

  • Take down pictures, mirrors, curtains…

  • Call your scheduled mover 1 day ahead to confirm so you have peace of mind

  • Remember to keep a few light bulbs on hand, in case your new home is dark

  • If you have children or pets, keep food/toys handy in case they get bored and hungry

  • Return your leased electronic equipment (modems, PVR, cable box…)

  • Back up your computer files, pack your phone chargers

  • Have some drinks ready for you and the movers, usually Gatorade or water is a good choice

  • Make sure to have some toilet paper at both the old and some to bring to the new home, in case….well, you know.


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