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You want to hire a mover you trust!


It is very important to follow these tips, as there is always a danger of hiring a company who is dishonest.

-Price: If the price is too good to be true, then it most likely is. Don’t be drawn in to overly low rates, as hidden fees may be a concern.

-Hidden Fees: Many companies charge hidden fees which they will not directly mention unless asked; stair fees, items over 100lbs fees, stretch wrap fees…

-Estimate: Don’t let the mover low ball the estimate. If he tells you it will take 3 hours to move a 3 bedroom house, he is not being honest.

-Insurance: Many companies do not carry insurance. You have the right to ask the company for a copy of there cargo insurance document, proving that they are backed with at least $20,000 worth of insurance.

-Registered Business: Make sure the company you hire is registered (click here). An unregistered company might appear to be a regular, functioning business, however they will often change the name on there internet ads. The company can attempt to scam you, then disappear under a new name. Fly by night movers do exist, so make sure the company is registered and insured!

-Binding Hourly Rate: The rate the mover quotes you should be Binding. Movers will often try to change the rates on moving day. Protect yourself against this. Always have something in writing, online or paper.

All Access Moving Montreal guarantees to never low ball an estimate or charge any hidden fees.

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